Restaurants – Go Shark Free!

Are you a restaurant owner wanting to go shark free? Or maybe you are shark free already but want to spread the word about the campaign?

Contact us if you are interested in joining our campaign to Get Sharks Off the Hook. We will arrange a time to meet to discuss how you can help. By getting involved you can help to spread awareness about the rapid decrease in the number of sharks in the Andaman Sea. Your business will also benefit by showing the diving community and those that support this campaign that you are involved and are aware of the problems in the oceans today.

Get involved with this campaign and you will receive a poster with your restaurant name on, ‘Get Sharks off the Hook’ stickers to attract the shark loving community and we will show people on the website that you are a shark friendly establishment. By showing your solidarity with this campaign you are stating that you want to stop shark finning, stop sharks being used as display pieces and that you want a healthy ecosystem in the Andaman Sea.

Save our sharks, eat at shark friendly restaurants in Khao Lak.

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