Hidden Depths Diving Want to Get Sharks Off the Hook

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Hidden Depths Diving Want to Get Sharks Off the Hook

Hidden Depths Diving is a Shark Friendly Dive Centre

get sharks off the hookExcellent news, Hidden Depths Diving want to get sharks off the hook. Thanks for supporting our campaign and helping to stop the falling population of sharks in the Andaman Sea.

Hidden Depths Diving is the first Koh Lanta dive centre to support Get Sharks Off the Hook.

Dive with Hidden Depths Diving to show your support for our sharks.

Check out Hidden Depths Diving in Saladan, Koh Lanta, in the north of the island. Once in Saladan, pass the 7/11 on the left and at the T-junction turn left, located approximately 100 metres along, on the right hand side.


Telephone: +66(0) 80 893 6211

Hidden Depths Pool Pier


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My story of getting into scuba diving and shark conservation is a story that starts with me ‘not’ getting into scuba diving, mainly because of a fear of sharks. I have since overcome my fears and have enjoyed 8 years working as a scuba instructor and participating in shark conservation. Read more.
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