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A leopard shark scatters a school of fusiliers

Quiz Night for Sharks

As our Shark Campaign GET SHARKS OFF THE HOOK gains momentum around Khao Lak we will get a further boost from a fund raising Quiz Night to be held at Walkers Inn on 1st May 2013.

Quiz night has been a regular feature for Khao Lak residents for the past few years, raising money for worthwhile local causes. This time round quiz night will help raise funds for our shark friendly materials. Each restaurant and business that supports Get Sharks Off the Hook receives posters and stickers to help raise awareness for the plight of sharks in the Andaman Sea and promotes their establishment as shark friendly. Continue reading

A Whale Shark is worth its weight in tourism revenue

March Update

Get Sharks Off the Hook

The See and Sea shark campaign ‘Get Sharks Off the Hook‘ is now well under way. We have teamed up with GVI¬†(Global Vision International) to help spread the word and recruit restaurants onto the project. So far it has been a great success with fourteen restaurants committing to the cause. A surprising amount of restaurants weren’t interested in getting sharks off the hook and in the ocean, and an even more surprising number of restaurants actually had shark in some form on their menus! Continue reading