Andaman Snorkel Discovery Want to Get Sharks Off the Hook

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Andaman Snorkel Discovery Want to Get Sharks Off the Hook

Andaman Snorkel Discovery
is a Shark Friendly Snorkeling Centre

Shark conservation, get sharks off the hookGreat news! Andaman Snorkel Discovery want to get sharks off the hook. They have joined the fast growing list of businesses and people that want to show their support for this important marine species.

Thanks for supporting the campaign and helping to stop the falling population of sharks in the Andaman Sea.

Andaman Snorkel Discovery run a great snorkeling liveaboard boat. Their trips are relaxed and fun with emphasis on keeping guests away from the crowds when they visit the best Thailand snorkeling spots.

Andaman Snorkel Discovery is also the only snorkel liveaboard that visits the stunning Surin Islands. The tour leader, Ralf knows a few secret locations there where you can view juvenile Black-tip Reef Sharks. This is often a great thrill for the guests on board, another reason why we need to protect sharks in the Andaman Sea.

Snorkel with Andaman Snorkel Discovery to show your support for our sharks.

Check out Andaman Snorkel Discovery, located in Bang Niang.

Similan snorkeling liveaboard boat

Andaman Snorkel Discovery’s eye-catching Similan snorkeling liveaboard

Are you a restaurant owner wanting to go shark free? Or maybe you are shark free already but want to spread the word about the campaign? Do you have a business that wants to support shark conservation?

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My story of getting into scuba diving and shark conservation is a story that starts with me ‘not’ getting into scuba diving, mainly because of a fear of sharks. I have since overcome my fears and have enjoyed 8 years working as a scuba instructor and participating in shark conservation. Read more.
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