About Us

The See and Sea Organsiation was founded in 2009, though at the time it did not really seem like we were ‘founding’ an organisation, nor did we have any idea how the organisation would grow into what it has become today.

It was the start of another dive season in the Andaman Sea in 2008. Clive, one of the managing directors of a new company Thailand Dive and Sail came up with the idea that it would be a nice idea to collect reading glasses for the Moken people. We were scheduled to visit one of the islands in the Mergui Archipelago as part of an extended dive trip and we knew there was a substancial Moken settlement there. So we set about collecting glasses.

When we distributed the glasses we were ovelwhelmed by the impact it caused. Clive had been spot on with his idea, the Moken really did not have any access to simple things like reading glasses. It also gave us some insight into other things the Moken needed and that many of the population shared our fears for the future of the local enviroment. From that day we became a lot more serious about what we could achieve with the Moken and also gave us confidence to get involved with other important issues that effect the region as a whole.

See and Sea was registered with the Small Charities Coalition and Charity Trustees Network in 2010. ‘See’ because our fisrt venture was to improve the quality of life for Moken with impaired eye sight and ‘Sea’ because all our futures are so dependant on the survival of the oceans.

The See and Sea Organisation is currently involved with numerous projects around the Andaman Sea. We continue to collect glasses for the Moken although this has grown to include providing malaria diagnosis and treatment, mosquito nets, teaching materials for Moken schools and garbage control measures for Moken villages.

2013 will be our most ambitious year to date. We are currently looking into alternative, sustainable means for the Moken to make a living, as well as shark awareness campaigns in Thailand and involvement with other non profit organisations in preparation for the next CITIES sumitt scheduled for March 2013 in Thailand.

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